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When hearing loss goes untreated, it affects quality of life. Those who are proactive about their hearing health have a competitive edge in their careers and can enjoy more of the sounds that connect us to each other. Do you have difficulty understanding conversational speech in the presence of background noise?  Do your ears ring? Are you asking for repetition? Are you so embarrassed to ask for repetition that you just settle for silence? Untreated hearing loss is stressful and exhausting for both the individual and everyone they communicate with. The earlier hearing loss is treated, the less it can affect the rest of your life. 
At Peachtree Hearing, an audiological evaluation is performed to test how well you can hear. During this hearing test, your audiologist will review your symptoms, measure the softest sounds audible for tones of different frequencies and assess your ability to discriminate different words in quiet and in background noise. Your audiologist will review your results and create a customized and enjoyable rehabilitation plan. Our primary focus is to help you preserve and enhance your sense of hearing.