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Who Should Take Care Of Your Ears?

You are having ringing in your ears. You ask for repetition and struggle to understand speech in noisy environments. Maybe you know you have a history of hearing loss in your family so you want to be proactive about your hearing health. In all of these cases you need a hearing test. So where should you go to get your hearing tested and potentially treated? You will have to choose between the Big Box stores, physicians, the giant multi-location private practices, small private practices, and even the internet. So which option is the best? This article will explain what your best and worst options are with key insights from Melissa Wikoff, director of audiology at Peachtree Hearing and expert in hearing health.


It goes without saying that the worst thing you can do for your hearing health is to self-diagnose and go straight to the internet for a cure. While aided listening devices (not hearing aids) are widely available online, they are really nothing more than low-tech microphones. “They simply make all sound louder and this typically won’t help a person who has hearing loss”, Dr. Wikoff explains. “A hearing aid is far more sophisticated than that and is the only real option for treating hearing loss as far hearing devices go.” Dr. Wikoff is an audiologist in Marietta, GA who has been treating patients fo