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The #1 Cause of Hearing Loss Is...

The #1 Cause Of Hearing Loss Is...

BANG CRASH BOOM VROOM SMASH POW!!!!... Noise! That's right, the number one most common cause of people losing their hearing is exposure to hazardous noise. This fact is crazy, because of all the causes for hearing loss, this is probably the only one that is preventable. Hearing loss is generally brought on by one of the following: exposure to loud noise, natural aging, heredity, head injury, ototoxic medications, or illness.

Exposure to loud noise includes many of the activities you routinely perform. This includes mowing the lawn or blowing leaves, attending concerts, hunting, driving motorcycles, working in noisy environments, and listening to loud music through headphones. If you want to continue these activities and not have them cause you to lose your hearing, you need to wear proper hearing protection.

Here's the good news folks! Peachtree Hearing offers a variety of solutions and technology for protecting your ears. From inexpensive solutions to the most high tech, custom options on the market, we can help you find the perfect protection for your ears. Come in this month for hearing protection, mention this article, and you'll receive 10% off any purchase of hearing protection. Your precious ears are worth it!

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