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A New Tech Arrival at Peachtree Hearing!

Peachtree Hearing is excited to announce a new piece of technology in our hearing lab. We've just installed a MedRex Avant Binaural Real Ear Measurement and Live Speech Mapping Verification system.

This technology is used for capturing what is called real ear measurement (REM). Real ear measurement is the measurement of sound pressure level in a patient's ear canal developed when a hearing aid is worn. To capture this, an audiologist carefully inserts a tiny probe microphone inside the ear canal. The hearing aid is then fitted on top of that. The microphone is then used to capture how sound from a hearing aid is affected by the anatomy of your ear and ear canal.

Our new equipment will not only measure with digitally-recorded real-speech signals, but we can use live speech and record the real voices that you are used to hearing! While Dr. Wikoff, Josh, and Koi have great voices, your friends and family are the ones that matter. We have even had musicians bring their instruments to verify how the hearing aid is performing while they are playing. You can bring someone with you to your appointment and we can measure the difference with and without the hearing aid in your ear. Your partner can even listen to what your hearing sounds like with and without amplification through a pair of headphones.

To summarize, Peachtree Hearing we will be able to utilize real-ear measurements in any of the following areas:

-Initial hearing aid fitting and consultation -Hearing aid adjustments over time -Identifying when a hearing aid is not working properly -Verification when hearing aids return from manufacturer repairs -Visual demonstrations to show patients and their loved ones the amplification they are receiving through their hearing aids

We are very excited to offer this technology to our patients! If you are interested in learning more about Real Ear Measurements, please call our office and make an appointment.

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