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Tinnitus Demographics and Populations

The latest data available shows us that some 45 million adults in the United States suffer from tinnitus. This makes it one of the most common health conditions, affecting 1 in 5. Of those 45 million, 20 million are estimated to struggle moderately with their tinnitus on a daily basis. Another 2 million are estimated to be struggling with debilitating tinnitus. Needless to say it is a serious health condition and extremely common.

That being known there are certain populations within in the United States who are more likely to suffer from tinnitus than others. In most cases this is due to environmental circumstances, such as working in a noisy environment. The below are considered to be high risk groups for tinnitus:

Senior Citizens

Senior citizens are one of the highest risk groups for suffering from tinnitus. This is typically attributed to the fact that hearing loss is found at much higher rates in the senior population. In most cases tinnitus is attributable to hearing loss, thus the higher likelihood of tinnitus in senior citizens.


Active military personnel and veterans are at a particularly high risk for tinnitus. This is due to nature of the work they perform, often involving heavy machinery, weapons, and explosives. Because of this noise exposure this group is also at a higher risk for hearing loss as well as tinnitus.

Loud Workplace Workforce

Those who work in loud workplaces are at a higher risk for having tinnitus. This includes construction, manufacturing, agriculture, transportation, mining, and other workplaces with heavy machinery or consistent loud noise.