Musician & CusTOM FIT Services

Peachtree Hearing offers many different custom services for musicians, athletes, and audiophiles alike.  We work with a number of different manufacturers to provide custom fit solutions, including but not limited to Sensaphonics, Westone, Purosound, Starkey, SoundGear, Signia, Siemens, and others as well. Most services involve you coming into our office for a short appointment.  During that appointment we will take an impression of both of your ears.  We can then use that impression for any number of custom products or services. Below are some of the custom solutions we commonly provide.  Call us today to get more information about your custom fit solution.


Custom Musicians Plugs


Man swimming


Man listening to headphones
  • Custom Noise Plugs

  • Custom Musician Filtered Noise Plugs

  • Custom In-ear monitors for studio and performance musicians

  • Custom Swimming Plugs

  • Custom Hunters Plugs

  • Custom Shooting Plugs

  • Motorcycle/Racing Plugs

  • Custom Wireless Ear Buds

  • Noise-Limited Headphones

  • Custom Fit Pieces for Headphones

  • Custom Phone Ear Pieces

  • Custom Sleep Plug

  • Custom Occupational Solutions

Already love your headphones?

Do you have a pair of headphones that you already love.  Why not get them custom fit? Peachtree Hearing can take the headphones you love and add to them a custom fit ear piece.  This will not only increase the comfort of your headphones, it will increase noise cancellation and help with volume and clarity. 


Here's why you'll love this service. It means no more fumbling with headphones while you work out and sweat.  It means hearing with perfect clarity even when in a noisy environment.  It even means no sore ear canal from wearing ear buds that don't fit correctly.  To put it frankly, your headphones can't fit any better than with a custom mold.  It can be done with any kind of ear piece including a phone headset and comes in multiple colors.


The process is quite easy: we take a mold of your ears, then we send the mold along with your headphones to the fabricator.  They send back a custom piece that fit easily over your existing headphones.  The process is fast and cheap and provides you with a quality product that you can clean and use over and over.  Call to inquire about having your headphones custom fit!




Wireless headphones


Custom ear molds
Custom ear molds on wireless headphones

An important note...

Approximately 36 million (17%) Americans have some degree of hearing loss, with noise-induced hearing loss being the most common cause. It is estimated that 15 percent of the population ( —those between 20 and 69 years of age—have high-frequency hearing loss that may have been caused by exposure to loud sounds at work, at home, or during recreational activities. Exposure to loud music for extended periods of time greatly increases the chances and overall impact of noise-induced hearing loss. Whether you need noise cancelling ear plugs or custom musical ear protection, Peachtree Hearing in Marietta, GA is ready to protect your ears while you play, work, and listen.

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