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Bragi Dash Pro: A High End Solution for Tech Savvy Music Listeners

Bragi Dash Pro case and buds

I recently bought a pair of Bragi Dash Pro custom headphones. This product was developed through a joint partnership between high end German tech/audio company, Bragi, and the hearing aid manufacturer Starkey. To put it simply, The Bragi Dash Pro by Starkey is the pretty much the highest end pair of wireless ear buds on the market. They cost more and do more than any other comparable product. They will set you back 500 smackaroos. But, before you decide you wouldn’t pay that much for a pair of headphones, wait until you hear all they can do. Below I’ll describe the product offering and give you an honest review of the good and bad from my own experience with the Bragi Dash Pro by Starkey.

The Bragi Dash Pro by Starkey product consists of two entirely wireless custom ear buds, and a charging dock. The custom fit is probably the most important feature of these head phones. It is made possible by having an audiologist take a mold of your ear to be used in the fabrication of each unique ear bud.