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Things I Do in My Bragi Dash Pro's

I’ve been using my Bragi Dash Pro’s a ton lately. They are great for a whole bunch of different kinds of activities. Here’s some of the cool stuff I’ve been using them for:

Going for a run in the woods with my pockets empty - When I head out for a run the only thing I need is my Bragi’s in my ears. My music is stored right on them. They do my fitness tracking as well and report back to Google Fit when I get home. Best of all, my giant phone isn’t knocking against my thigh the whole time.

Swimming with music in my ears - I have recently been swimming with my Bragi’s in my ears since they are waterproof. The experience of having music in your ears while underwater is pretty great. Amazingly, they do fitness tracking for swimming laps as well.

Going for a bike ride with tunes - Since they allow for audio transparency, I can hear my music and the sounds around me, like someone approaching from behind or honking. I can block out wind noise, and don’t worry, they do fitness tracking for biking too.

Catching the braves on TV - I have recently been connecting my Bragi’s to the exercise bike at the gym. This allowed me to watch the Braves game while on the stationary bike through my headphones the other day. Connecting them was super easy and I was able to do without needing my phone.

Relaxing and winding down - When my workout stops, my music keeps going. I wear my headphones as I wind down. I take them right into a steam room or sauna. They also sound great in the shower with water falling on your head!

Wearing my Bragi’s on a plane - Bragi’s sound great on a plane and turning off audio transparency works great for cancelling noise from the plane. Then you can hear your movies or music with great clarity.

Wearing my Bragi’s on the golf course - Sometimes you need some tunes when you are hitting the links. Bragi’s can cancel out wind noise too so you hear your music and not the sound of wind whipping by your ear buds. You can take a phone call on the headphones too since they have a built in microphone.

Needless to say, I’ve really fallen in love with my Bragi’s over the last year. I can’t imagine exercising without them now, and I use them for a lot more too. If you are interested in a pair of custom Bragi Dash Pro headphones, call our office for more details.

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